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Changzhou yingzhong Nano Technology Co., Ltd. is the Central Organization Department "thousand people plan" expert Jiang Xingmao founded in March 2011 high-tech enterprises. The company is China's leading manufacturer of nano silver antibacterial technology, excellent enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Changzhou High-tech enterprise focused on returnees, "Jiangsu new materials industry association"," China antibacterial Association member units".

The company is located in the beautiful and rich Yangtze River Delta Region - Changzhou, and Shanghai, Nanjing, two large cities across the distance, and Suzhou, Wuxi side by side into pieces, forming an hour of economic circle.

The company has perfected the mode of production, study and research, and has established a graduate work station with Wuhan Institute of Technology and Changzhou university. With a team of experienced professors, doctors and experts in the fields of chemistry, materials and biological science and technology, the company is devoted to the research, production and application of nano silver composite antimicrobial agents. At present, nanotechnology has been successfully applied to relevant domestic and foreign patents more than and 10, widely used in the field of polymer materials, coatings, building materials, household appliances, chemicals, textile and other daily necessities of the development of nano silver antibacterial agent products, excellent products and technology, has a high price.

Main business: nano antibacterial agents, antibacterial, anti mildew technology services and a complete set of Solutions

Customer service: the United States, Little Swan, Haitian, Sheng Tong Group Company

The company has always uphold the "customer first, integrity-based business philosophy, service quality, professional service capabilities, skilled service team, let the customer enjoy the latest achievements in the development of science and technology at the same time, to obtain the maximum benefit.

The following is our company's terminal products:


英中納米 英中納米 英中納米
英中納米 英中納米 英中納米







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